CVHA is a carriage driving club, located in the central valley of California, that promotes the safe use of equines in harness.

  • All equines are welcome in our club: horses, ponies, miniature horses, donkeys, and mules.
  • CVHA members drive for pleasure, recreation, and/or sport.
  • We also collect and restore carriages, carts, and wagons (all equine-drawn vehicles).
  • We welcome all participants – in all classes and levels of ability.

Our History…

In January of 1995, the Central Valley Harness Association was formed by committed members of the community wishing to expand the “horse and carriage” opportunities offered by a relatively new sport on the international scene.

Led by Chairperson Skyla Cothran and officers: Barbara Brooke, Bill Cole, Carolyn Lanigan, Marie McKee, Sallie Phillips, and Kim Roberts – the new club offered members opportunities to compete in a variety of ways from Pleasure Driving to Combined Driving Events (CDEs).

Thanks to the efforts of many of the initial members, the club sponsored clinics and playdays that focused on the nuances of dressage, obstacles, cones, and hazards. Members of the club began competing in various driving events throughout the state, with a few competing nationally. Many members cut their teeth at small shows sponsored by local stables. MembershSharonSallie-72ip in the club grew to 70 members.

In 1997 the club became the proud sponsor of the RamTap CDE, one of the most competitive events in the nation. This event has drawn interest throughout the driving world.

We welcome all participants, in all classes and levels of ability.

We hope that your experiences with CVHA create memories for years to come.

Our Board of Directors:

President - David Strobel
Vice President & Membership - Lois Patten
Secretary -  Sharon Booth
Treasurer - Sallie Phillips
Member-at-Large - Catherine Starr
Newsletter Editor - Mary Jane Runyon

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